Monday, February 2, 2015

Guiness Bottle

I am back online now, thankfully I have my computer back up and running.  I had to re-install software and reconfigure my contacts in my email, still working on those, but at least I am back in the techno world.

As I promised a few weeks ago here is the second photo showing the Guiness bottle that I started working on.  This photo shows where I have added the vertical lines and don't be concerned about the bleed from the white lines, that will disappear once I add the remainder of the gold paint.  I am using White and Gold on this bottle and it is turning out really lovely.

I will post the finished bottle in my next post.  I just received a number of new bottles that are calling for me to begin the design process and I have 4 finished bottles that need to be heat set in the oven.

I'm seriously considering adding these bottles to my website for sale.  What are your thoughts?

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