Sunday, February 22, 2015

Designing a Planner

I've had this Day Planner for 15 years or so and used it, until I got my I-Phone, as an address book and a general planner.  It was great and kept me organized between home, work, and my business.  Once I got my phone I decided to train myself to use my phone instead of a physical calendar and love my phone but had this planner taking up dust.  Being a teacher/artist I hate to throw things out, you never know when you will need something. LOL.  My husband on the other hand would really like me to get rid of a few things, I decided that I should  use this planner again or get rid of it, but really hated the color.  It is a red neoprene, which I've never really liked but when I purchased it the colors which were available were limited.  So being a can do kind of person decided to paint it and got out my Deco Art So Soft paints. 

I made the decision that if I didn't like it once it was painted I would get rid of it for good.  HMMM????  Is that a challenge to myself.  

I wasn't really sure that I wanted to paint the entire planner and chose to stencil and sponge reds, orange, turquoise blue, and white onto the planner.  Still wasn't overly sure I was crazy about it but was beginning to like it better.   Check back after I let this dry to see the next incarnation of re-purposing this planner.  It is a great size 6"X 7", I'm planning to use it as a travel sketchbook so it doesn't really have to be gorgeous but I would like to enjoy the color of it.  

Do any of you use planners?  For what purpose?  I'm kind of missing having a planner and have been reading about the planners that individuals are developing.  It sounds like fun.  Maybe this should be a full fledged planner instead of just a travel sketchbook.  Time will tell.  

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