Saturday, September 20, 2014

I used the new Deco Art Media Paints on my Gelli Plate.

I wondered how the new Deco Art Media Paints would work on my Gelli Plate and gave it a try this afternoon.  What a wonderful couple of relaxing hours I spent playing in the paint.  I was curious whether or not they might stain my Gelli Plate because they are supposed to be highly pigmented. I am happy to report they did not, the Traditions paints do stain the Gelli Plate, that isn't a problem and doesn't hurt the plate but if that bothers you then you may reconsider using the Traditions line when gell printing.

The new Deco Art Media Paints worked brilliantly and because they are slightly transparent actually worked great when layering the paint.  You can see in my sample on top that many of the layers actually show through the previous layer which I really liked.

This bottom photo shows some of the deli paper prints which I used to clean up the Gelli Plate in between prints which I had not done before and really loved.  They will be great for collage in my art journal.  

If you have never tried Gelli Printing you really should give it a try, Joan Bess over at Gelli Arts has developed a super product and provides so much wonderful instruction on their blog.  She recently published a new book which is very thorough and so well done.  I have two plates an 8"X10" and a 12"X14" sized plate, both are great but if I were going to recommend one for a beginner I would recommend the 8"X10".  It is a more manageable size.  

Now I have to decide what to do with this print.  HMMMM?????  I really love how random this print is.  Stop by at a later date and we will see what I do with it.  Thoughts?  

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