Sunday, September 7, 2014

Art Journal Using Deco Art Media Products Part 1

When I sat down to experiment further with the new Deco Art Media Products I thought why not get out my art journal and see how they react on paper. I don't work in my art journal that often but really enjoy the freedom that it allows me to try out new ideas, products, and to basically give myself the freedom to just play.  The products certainly didn't disappoint and were just as wonderful on paper as they have been on both canvas and wood.  

I began by spraying the Red and Yellow Misters onto the art journal paper which I had sprayed with clean water to pre-wet the paper.  I closed the book to transfer a small amount of the mist to the opposite page.   The mists produced a good quality spray and coverage was outstanding.  The two colors mixed very well and when additional water was sprayed onto the page continued to blend nicely.  I did let this layer dry as I wanted them to be completely permanent before starting to layer paints onto the paper.  

I began the layering process allowing areas of the mist to show through.  I only used the Media Fluid Acrylics and played with mixing the paints, stenciling the paints and adding  sprays over the paint layers.

I was extremely pleased with how the paints performed.  Excellent quality and very good coverage especially when mixed with White which allowed for less transparency and more opaque paint coverage.  I felt that I needed some color pop onto the page and added another layer of the Yellow Spray which softened the purple side and colored the white areas on the white page.  

I continued adding layers of paint, stencil, and additional sprays until I found something that I was starting to like.  

Earlier this spring I purchased a variety of paint markers, some were empty and I could add my own paint colors while others were pre-filled.  I especially wanted to try the Molotow brand as I had heard amazing things about their quality but then found the Montana brand on sale, and already owned the Uni Posca.  I had heard a variety of different opinions on the paint markers and I really wanted to experiment and see which ones I liked.  They all work well and I used some of them on these pages to write with as well as to add a splash of paint color.  I used them to both add areas of color and to write some text with.  I need to work with them further but was impressed with all.  Some of the empty Molotow tend to leak which I find annoying and I preferred the finer tips but still will find uses for all of them.  But that is a post for a later date.  

 You can also see the Tim Holtz stencil which was used, I love his stencils and some paint stamps which Laurie Spelt has recently released which I love.  I have a project coming out later on this year for Artists Club that I use her stamps on.  I love them and did use them here with the Fluid Acrylics.  You can also see a small bottle, which once held eye drops which I washed out and have been using to add splashes of color to my journal pages.   I filled it with the Fluid Acrylics and it worked great.  

This was a little longer post than usual and now I have to get busy and think about what I want to add to these pages.  HMMMM.......  

Do any of you have the Acrylic Paint Markers?  Which brands do you prefer.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  

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