Monday, January 20, 2014

Mixed Media Class

I had the best time on Saturday, I had the pleasure of teaching a Mixed Media Background class at Memory Lane Scrapbooking in Missoula, Montana and had the BEST time.  What a talented great group and such a joy to teach.  They were engaged and wanted to know more!!!  So thrilling for me as a teacher and what a joy.  We spent the two hours playing with paint, stencils, inks, paper, and developed amazing canvases which I am sharing with you.  I can't tell you how fun and engaging the class was.  All of my students went away from the class with a gorgeous canvas and a new set of skills that they can use on their own as well as a new appreciation for the use of stencils.  We used a variety of Crafter's Workshop Stencils which included the Mini Punchinello. I love that stencil and it is one of my go to stencils in my own personal work.  I wanted to give them the opportunity to use a variety of stencils and brought many from my own personal collection.  

Staci at Memory Lane Scrapbooking was go gracious to share her space with me and allow me to take over the classroom with my supplies and samples.  If you have not been to Memory Lane and are ever in the area take the time to stop by.  Staci is committed to her customers and providing superb customer service.  It is definitely worth stopping by, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Here I am in teacher mode and having a ball.  As an Art Teacher I have committed my professional life to teaching younger students but always love having the chance to interact with adults.  What a joy and what a marvelous inquisitive group.  Couldn't have asked for a better day.

Here are  the canvases that we completed.  You can see that we were obviously working on backgrounds but you can also see that each student put their own flair and personality into each canvas and each one is stunning.  Thank you for sharing your talent with me on such a special day.  


  1. Look at YOU! Now I feel like I REALLY know you! ;) How much fun you are having! And you're doing a great job with your journal too! Smooches!

    1. Hey you!!!! How fun, now your turn to share. Love your journal as well. I'm way behind but we have a year so no problem. Love Joanne's class.

  2. That's so awesome you got to spend the day there with Staci doing your art. I'm glad you gals had fun!

  3. Hey Kiddo,first time saw you up close & no wonder your school kids like you & now know why you my friend.Read your blog you have been busy & I hope you keep up great work you do,have good school week,lol Your Friend Cookie