Sunday, January 5, 2014

Faces in 2014

I'm not a big believer in setting goals, I always seem to lose sight of those goals after January is over.  LOL.  But it is one of my goals this year to improve my ability to paint faces.  I did this page this weekend as a part of my first Lifebook 2014 lessons and thought I did ok.  I wasn't as happy with some of the features as I'd have liked and thought she lacked any personality but definitely have room for improvement.  I used watercolor crayons though on the journal page and loved those, then of course added acrylics, scrapbooking papers and some stamping which made for a fun afternoon.  I'm posting this so I keep track of my progress. 


  1. Nice Christy! Piercing eyes! Was she in watercolor crayons or just the background?

    1. She was in WC crayons as well. What a wonderful media. Loved them. I need to use them more so I feel comfortable with them. Have you used them?