Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How about another couple of crazy painted pieces?  I can't tell you how fun these are and I'm sure that many of you are thinking... What to do with them?  Why do you need to do anything with them?  That is part of the fun and spontaneity of these.  Just do it... copying a famous slogan.  LOL.  Seriously anything that gets you out of your creative "box" is a good thing.  These free up your mind and open you up to creativity and I know that these crazy painted pieces have allowed me to loosen up. Over the years I have been accused of being a very tight controlled painter and I feel that these have allowed me to see my art work in a new way.  Give them a try and see what happens.  There isn't anything wrong with throwing something away that you just hate or maybe by completing something crazy like this will open you up to creative ideas that you haven't thought about before.

Are you using your brushes in a new way on these wild and crazy papers, maybe try a completely different type of brush that you aren't comfortable with like a Trifecta Brush or even a Butterfly Brush.  By allowing yourself the opportunity to make mistakes is the perfect time to try a brush that you might not be comfortable with. 

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