Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Using your Small Shader Butterfly Brush Step 2

I love to paint wildflowers.  I'm not a great gardener, my thumbs are pretty brown but that doesn't mean that I don't love flowers.  We are coming up on wildflower season in my part of the world and there will be an abundance of beautiful wildflowers for all to observe.  Fortunately for them they aren't dependant on my gardening skills to bloom. 

I do enjoy observing and painting them however and the Butterfly Brushes are some of my favorite brushes to use when I paint wildflowers.  The Small Shader is an excellent brush to paint this Daisy with, from start to finish in all three steps, I will use just one brush.   As I mentioned before this brush is very versatile and in addition to what I've discussed in my last post you can do linework by simply setting the brush up on the chisel edge.  Will it replace your liner brush?  Absolutely not, but for small areas that need a subtle highlight why dirty another brush if you can use the same one.  In highlighting the petals of the flowers on this worksheet I simply loaded my brush with Snow White and set the brush on the chisel edge and added a soft subtle highlight to each petal.  I then loaded my brush with thinned down Antique Gold and washed in a shadow using a corner of the brush.  That concludes step two of the process. 

That was fairly easy, wasn't it?  Can you start to see the flowers taking shape? 

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