Thursday, May 17, 2012

Creativity with Cutting Rubber Stamps

These past few posts have all centered around finding creativity in new and unusual places.  Do any of you like to use rubber stamps in your design work?  I think stamps are so much fun and simplify so many aspects of what we do as artists/crafts people but I often want to use my own stamp designs in a project.  I've started cutting my own, all you need is a few simple materials that can be ordered at a variety of artist supply companies, Dick Blick and Nasco just to name a few.  Purchase a basic set of Linoleum Cutters, I started with two, the fine and medium V shaped cutters and then purchased an inexpensive handle.  The cutting tools can be changed out and I found that I preferred the handle to be longer which would be similar to a pen holder that you might purchase for the interchangeable pen nibs for doing pen and ink. In fact if you already have the pen holder they will probably fit and save yourself the costs of the pen.  It had been years since I have done any linoleum block printing and thought that I'd start with an inexpensive material that cuts very easily and will hold up over time and chose to use Nasco Safety-Kut Printmaking Material.  It was fairly inexpensive and came in a variety of sizes.  I cut mine all down to 3" X 3.5" approximately.  You can draw directly onto the material and then cut it out using your cutting tools.  It was fun, not terribly expensive and turned out very similar to what you'd expect from a woodcut but without cutting my fingers.  The first one that I tried didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped but by the second and third I had it figured out and was enjoying the process.  I haven't printed with these as of yet, I could easily use my stamp pads, or I might try them in addition to my painted papers that I've been doing.  What do you think of this sun?  Is this something that you think you'd like to try?   

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