Thursday, March 23, 2017

Conversion Chart for the Deco Art Fluid Acrylics

I recently published these Inspirational Mini Canvas project in the February issue of the Pixelated Palette.  I used the Deco Art Fluid Acrylics and was asked for a conversion chart for Deco Art Americana Paint instead.  I was not able to find one on the Deco Art website and had to instead come up with one on my own.  This is not exact but I did find Americana paints which I felt were close and would work well together.

Deco Art Fluid Acrylic Paint Color                                   Deco Art Americana Paint Color
Blue Green Light                                                    Sea Breeze 

Cadmium Orange Hue                                            Jack-O'-Lantern Orange 
Cerulean Blue                                                         Sapphire 
Cobalt Teal Hue                                                      Turquoise Blue
Cobalt Turquoise Hue                                             Desert Turquoise 
Hansa Yellow Medium                                            Bright Yellow 
Metallic Gold                                                         Any Metallic Gold paint
Primary Cyan                                                           Sapphire
Primary Magenta                                                      Razzle Berry 
Primary Yellow                                                        Bright Yellow
Pyrole Orange                                                          Orange Flame
Pyrole Red                                                                Berry Red
Quinacridone Magenta                                             Red Violet
Quinacridone Red                                                    Santa Red
Quinacridone Violet                                                 Black Plum
Vermillion                                                                 Cad Orange
Yellow Green Light                                                  Bright Green

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