Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stencils used in either Mixed Media, Paper Crafting, or Decorative Painting

I love stencils!!!  I can’t tell you how much I love them.  Why wouldn’t you want to incorporate something into your painting that requires very little effort from you and is so versatile?  Part of my “art hoarding” compulsion is my rather large box of stencils which sit right next to my painting table on the floor.   I want them easily accessible and naturally have to keep them where it is easy to just grab one.  I warn my family to watch where they step when they come into my painting area; otherwise I am not responsible for anything that might occur.  LOL.   I should post that on the door. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post there are a number of really wonderful stencil companies on the market right now.  A number of Decorative Painting artists have moved into the area of stenciling, Laurie Speltz, Tracey Moreau, Renee Mullins, and Patty Rawlinson to name a few that I have personally had experience with and their stencils are all fantastic.    Did you know that there are other companies that are specializing in stencils, many of which only sell stencils?    Two of my favorites are Crafter’s Workshop and Stencil Girl.  Like the stencils I mentioned above they are made out of a very durable material which will hold up to repeated use and clean up very nicely.  These companies work with a number of artists in the art world to design their stencils and offer an incredible selection. 

Stencil Girl is owned by Mary Beth Shaw who is an author and published artist, many of you may have heard of her.  She works with a wonderfully talented group of artists to design the stencils that she offers on her website  There are a wide variety of stencils that she carries from stencils to help you draw a face to random patterns for backgrounds and in a wide variety of sizes.  I have a number of her stencils and love them all but one of my personal favorites is the Spider Web Stencil.   They are high quality and will hold up to repeated use and you might just find something that you can’t live without.  I know I have a number on my wish list right now. 

Crafter’s Workshop is another of my favorite stencil companies.  They too have an incredible assortment of stencil designs and I often find myself adding the new releases to my wish list and counting my pennies until I can order.  One stencil that I recently used on a canvas is a 6”x6” sized template called Mini Busy Bees and it was darling.  I can see myself using this one frequently.  Take a look at their border stencils, all I can say is AMAZING!!!  Whether you are a painter, card maker, journal enthusiast, or a crafter you are going to find stencils that you just can’t live without.  I’m sure you too will be adding to your stash and causing your family concern over your “art hoarding” tendencies. 

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