Sunday, October 20, 2013

Aloha and Merry Christmas using Stencils and Gelli Printing

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka which is Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.  A few years ago my husband and I traveled to Hawai in November right before Thanksgiving and noticed how the islands were beginning to prepare for the holidays.   We got there in a massive rainstorm and our taxi driver mentioned that it was their rainy season and the weather had been a little chilly, naturally we were a little concerned as we were counting on nice weather since we were coming from Montana.  Not to worry though we thought the weather was perfect.  The locals were all wearing light sweaters or sweatshirts while we had t-shirts and shorts on and thought the weather was perfect, you could easily tell that we were not locals.   I really felt at the time that I could spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in Hawaii and enjoy 80 degree weather.  What a hardship.  (Giggles and Grins)  Santa was displayed in Hawaiian finery and Rudolf and his friends were dressed for the beach and I thought how fun!!!!   I was inspired to design a Hula Girl and thought how fun would it be to design a Christmas card with a Hawaiian theme. 

During and earlier post we discussed using stencils for a background to be used for a fall themed card and I thought that this post might be a good time to do something similar but geared toward Christmas and immediately thought lets go HAWAIIAN!!!!  Ok, ok, I will also show something more traditional as well.  LOL.  But why not use some of the techniques that we’ve discussed to design a card for the holidays or how about gift tags. 

I adore using my home made sprays as they make such short work of any project and when used in conjunction with stencils can really be stunning.  When I start designing papers to use as background or even as journal pages I always do a number of them so I have a stack to go to when I am starting a new project.   I also save my scraps as they can easily be used in a card.  You can see in the following card that I used my hula girl stamp, home- made sprayed scrap- papers in the background, colored Monstera Leaves and cut out the word Aloha for the sentiment.  I used my Copic Markers to color this but could easily have been painted.  You can see the stamp that I used for this card at  I love her and have used her in a card in an earlier post. 

The Santa card uses my Santa Face, the line art for this is found on my blog under the archived November 2010 section.  I attached Santa’s face to homemade patterned paper, a tag which has some stenciling and Gell Printing on it; how fun to cut out tags from those gorgeous patterned papers that you are going to design.  We now have a lovely card and would make a gorgeous gift for anyone.  Just add some lettering and bit of glitter and Amazing!!!  Ok so they aren’t terribly traditional but fun none the less. 



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