Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pantone Fall Forecast

Fall in in full swing.  As my husband and I came home today from a long weekend we enjoyed the fall colors on our 5 hour car trip.  It was gorgeous!   I wanted to stop and take photos along the way but we were both so tired that each one of us just wanted to continue on.  I am hoping to get up into the mountains this next weekend so can share the gorgeous colors of the Tamarack Pine Tree!!!  Amazing this year!!!!!!!!!
With each new season comes the newest color choices as is determined by Pantone, that mysterious group of “it” people who determine what the home wares and clothing industry will feature as the current color trend.  Yes, I admit I fall prey to the color forecast for each season.  As a designer I like to see what colors are going to be hot for that particular season and try to them into my designs.    I looked at the selection of colors this year and was particularly taken; warm rich tones which had me heading to my paint container to find those paint colors.  Then I thought about incorporating the new fall colors with a stenciled canvas.  HMMMMM…….  See you soon.  I have to get busy creating, the warm Sage Green is calling me.  Take a look at the Pantone web site to see for yourself the gorgeous selection of colors forecast for the year. 

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