Sunday, September 22, 2013

Home-made Acrylic Sprays

Last post we discussed the joys of using purchased sprays and I do love them!!!!  But…..I also love using the sprays that I make myself.  So easy and inexpensive to do, use your acrylic paint and an inexpensive spray bottle.  Seriously that is it!!!  I would not use your more expensive misters that you purchase, the acrylic paints will clog up the sprayer mechanism and it’s an easy fix but….. Why chance it?  I use spray bottles that I purchase at my local Walmart which have a body mist in them and are found in the travel size, they are perfect for this purpose and cheaper than purchasing a more expensive mister.  I emptied the body mist out of them, you can save that if you prefer, I don’t like body mist so I just dumped it out, rinse it out fairly well, add a small amount of paint to the misting bottle, add cold water to thin, shake to dilute the paint, and spray test on paper.  Adjust your amount of paint depending on the color intensity that you want.  You can use these just like any other spray but the beauty of these is that once they are applied and set up they are permanent.  Depending on your purpose that might be more desirable to you.  If your mister clogs up, remove the sprayer from the bottle and place it in a cup of hot water and spray the hot water through the mister until it works properly and then replace it in your paint bottle and continue spraying.  Just a minor inconvenience!  If you have acrylic inks you could also use those instead of paint, but be careful using your alcohol inks as a spray.  Alcohol inks and acrylic inks are a completely different formula and please check out safety concerns before you spray an alcohol ink solution.  Just sayin!!!  Do your homework to stay safe when painting.  You can also purchase the empty travel sized spray bottles but I found that the spray varied in each bottle so test them prior to using to make sure you are happy with the resulting spray application. 


I have a rather lengthy description of this process and how I used these sprays to make background papers for cards or scrapbooking under my blog archives of February – March of 2011. 


As many of you know who follow me on my blog I love stencils!!!  Love them and use them regularly in my design work.  So easy and such a popular trend right now.  There are so many wonderful stencils on the market from companies that are specializing in stencil designs to artists that have manufactured their own line of stencils.  Some of these names you are going to be familiar with while others might be new to you but I have tested stencils from each company and can personally vouch for their quality:  Laurie Speltz, Patty Rawlinson, The Crafters Workshop, Kaisercraft, Christy Tomlinson, Prima, Stencil Girl to name just a few.   Why not combine your inks with these amazing stencils to make spectacular journal pages or add them to a background on either a canvas or a decorative painting project?  Have fun and share the result.

 Also another plus is that my family doesn’t hassle me about my art hoarding when I am using materials that I already own.  WaaHoo!!! 

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