Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gelli Printing on a Cold, Wet, Rainy, Day

Got up this morning to a cold rainy day and thought that it was a perfect opportunity to play with my new Gelli Plate.  I received the larger 10"X14" sized plate as a gift, already owned the 8"X10", and really hadn't had time to play much with it, got it out and had a really fun afternoon.  The size is great especially when I used my Catalyst Wedge tools, the size allowed for really using the wedge tools in a larger space which had frustrated me on my 8"X10".  I had wanted more space to wipe the paint off and get some fun results.  I also tried a number of techniques that I had learned when I took a Carolyn Dube online class. 

I used a number of different stencils, paint, Catalyst Wedge Tools and white cardstock.  I actually am going to make some cards using my new stamps and really wanted something totally different to use as background paper and couldn't seem to find anything that appealed to me out of my stock of Gelli Prints that I've done in the past.  I wanted something different than I had in my stockpiled scrapbooking papers as well and think that I have a couple papers which will do nicely. 

Here I used a combination of Catalyst Wedge Tools and a stencil to prep the Gelli Plate.  Have you tried the Wedge Tools?  Fun stuff!!!

Adding a variety of paint colors.  You do not need a large amount of paint to use the Gelli Plate depending on the technique that you want to use. 

Assorted stencils used on this print.  Sometimes they turn out like you hope and other times they get printed over.  It is a crap shoot for me usually.  I try to plan my prints but most of the time they are either happy or unhappy accidents. 

I like this one and then added my Dylusions Sprays to the background to jazz the print up a bit.  I may even add more stenciling to it eventually. 

These were my happy accidents.  LOL.  I like these and added Dylusions Sprays to the background of quite a few of these with the exception of the one in the very center.  Maybe these will show up eventually in another project.  HMMMM!!!!! 

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