Sunday, September 15, 2013

Art Junkie? or Enthusiast?

I am a self-proclaimed art junkie, I admit it I love art supplies.  I love the colors, textures, and the potential; consequently to fuel my addiction I keep up with the trends.   Do any of you have this same dilemma?  My daughter even suggested, much to my dismay that my painting room was starting to resemble that of a hoarder.  Naturally (imagine my shock and annoyance) I suggested that I only needed a bigger space.  Do any of you have family members who would like to hold an intervention for you?  If so then we are in good company.  “Giggles and grins.” 


When I sat down to write this post the thought of that blank page staring at me was a little unnerving.   Those same feelings exist when I sit down to work on a journal page but being a can-do type of person thought to myself…. Then get rid of the white page!!!  Easy solution.  One new exciting trend in the art world is that of ink sprays, so cool and so many options to choose from.  The thought of quickly being able to get rid of that white scary space is liberating.  Being the art junkie that I am decided that I absolutely had to have a set of sprays!  But which ones to purchase?  Knowing that my husband and children would be calling an intervention specialist I decided that I needed to choose one brand and stick with it.  I started doing research and discovered this talented, crazy British woman by the name of Dyan Reaveley and her Dylusions line by Ranger.  She has a line of stencils, stamps, ink sprays, and a terrific series of You Tube videos for educational purposes.  That was right up my alley and I ordered the set.  Tried them out and loved them as well as loving her quirky nature and sense of style.  Check her out and see if you don’t just love her as well, I think that she would be a fun friend. 


Most sprays are water based which means that you need to do some planning if you don’t want to end up with muddy color applications; it also means that even when the sprays have set they may reactivate when you add subsequent layers.  Not a problem, just use a spray fixative in between your layers.  HMMMM!!!  Imagine the possibilities; this is the beauty and the frustration of spray application.   It also allows for the freedom to enjoy happy accidents occurring as you work.  Don’t like the random spray application?   Any of these sprays can also be painted with just like you would a watercolor.   I think that is brilliant! 


My next dilemma presented itself!  Dyan came out with new ink colors!  Oh No!  What to do?  Naturally I ordered them along with some of her stamps and stencils.  Oh well, my husband has been planning to build a storage shed out back, that should solve my current storage problem. 

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