Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trifecta Brush Tutorial

Here are the instructions for the Shooting Star color worksheet that is in the following blog post.  This project uses the Deco Art So Soft Paints but your could easily substitute the corresponding Americana paint color. 

Shooting Star
Leather Coaster
Christy Hartman
C. Hartman Designs                                                                       

Palette:  Deco Art So Soft Paint      
Sweet Melon DSS71
Dark Burgundy DSS50
Fuchsia DSS52
Cadmium Yellow DSS3
Hauser Dark Green DSS46
Olive Green DSS98
Bright Avocado DSS99
Lamp Black DSS24

Brushes:  Dynasty Black Gold
Trifecta #4,6
Series 206 Script Liner: #0

 Lets Paint Wildflowers: 

 Load the #6 Trifecta brush with Fuchsia, dip the heel of the brush into Dark Burgundy and dip the tip of the brush into Sweet Melon.  Paint the two outer petals first to form a “butterfly.”  Paint the two center petals last.  Reload the brush with the same triple load and paint the buds.  Load the #0 SL with Cadmium Yellow and line the triangle point of the flower, using short strokes add the upper portion of the yellow tip.  Reload this brush with Lamp Black and gently tap in the area under the strokework on the upper portion and add black lines to the point of the triangle. 

Load the #4 Trifecta brush with Olive Green, dip the brush heel into Hauser Dark Green and the tip into Bright Avocado.  Paint the leaves around the buds, stems and leaves. 

© Christy Hartman

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