Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gell Printing with my Daughter

To my delight my daughter recently expressed an interest in wanting to learn how to Gel Print and I was both surprised and thrilled.  We spent a glorious day monoprinting on my Gelli Arts Plate, what a great day of mother/daughter bonding while sharing a technique which I love.  You can see in the photos which follow that she had a wonderful time and made some really lovely prints.  I think she is a natural!  Believe it or not it was her first time.

 I had her use the Deco Art Satin paints as I always get a great result with them and I really love the finish when they are dry.
 Here she is adding texture with a plastic holder which originally held glue sticks during shipping!  I tend to use as many found/household objects as I can when gel printing.  She particularly liked the texture which she achieved with it.  You can see the reverse on the print in the photo below.  As you can see she also used a number of stencils and the Catalyst Wedge tools.

 Here she is printing section of a paper, she was actually horrified to learn that I do not clean my plate until she started to pull some of the dried bits of paint which added amazing layers to her prints.  Now she's a believer.
 Look at these glorious prints.  I can't tell you how proud I am of her.  She has always been very creative and started painting with me as a toddler but seemed to lose interest during her teen years.  Maybe she is interested in Art again?  Hopefully!!!!

I can't wait to share with you what she is doing with these prints.....  A gift for someone, unfortunately not me.  LOL.  Check back in a few days to see.  

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