Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gel Printing Part 2 with my Daughter

I love the Christmas season!!!  Unfortunately it goes by so quickly and I for one do not take it all in until something makes me slow down and enjoy.  I think that many of us get so caught up in the shopping, wrapping, decorating, and the prepping that we forget what Christmas is all about.  That happened last weekend when my daughter decided to come spend the day with me and gel print because she wanted to make her Grandmother a recipe book for Christmas.  This Christmas she wanted to make as many of her gifts as she could for economical reasons but also because she really wanted to connect in a personal way with her gift giving.

As I stated in my last post I was so thrilled that she was interested and we had a great day.   She used many of her gel prints for sections of the book.  She sent me a few photos as the book came together and I was thrilled with the result, she very kindly gave me permission to share the pages with all of you.  I know that her Grandmother will treasure the book and be able to use it every day to store her recipes.  I know I felt honored that my daughter wanted to share this day with me.  What a wonderful spirit.

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