Thursday, July 17, 2014

August/September Scrap and Stamp Magazine Mixed Media Garden Angel

Another new magazine article!!!  Wow!  Love doing these with Scrap and Stamp, they are so great to work with!!  It is an honor to be able to develop projects for Scott Publications.  The theme of this article was Garden Angels and I used my Faith Angel Stamp and paper pieced them using scrapbook papers.  The article has step out photos showing how to stamp and cut your paper as well as to add detail using Copic Markers.  I'm a huge Copic fan so anytime I can use them in a project I am a happy camper.  These are so easy and turn out so well when you use this technique.  They would be a keepsake for anyone that you chose to make these cards for or add them to a canvas or a journal page.  How fun is that.  I hope you will purchase the magazine to see how to accomplish this technique, if you love these email the editors of the magazine to express your desire to see more of my card designs.

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