Sunday, November 24, 2013

Color the Jump for Joy Angels with Copic Markers Part 1

How about a tutorial coloring these adorable angels with Copic Markers? 

As many of you know, I am a huge Copic Marker fan and unfortunately have a huge investment into these markers but feel it is totally worth it as I can refill them so they are truly a "green" investment.  Ok so maybe they are part of my art hoarding obsession.  LOL.  But worth every penny. 

I was coloring a bunch of these images and decided that maybe all of you would like to color right along with me using your Copic Markers.  Here is a hint, I am making Christmas Cards for friends and family. 

I started with E000, E00, E02 and layered them slowly blending with my E000 but I wanted more of a shadow and added E11 and E13 and didn't blend these out quite as much.  Stop back in a few days to see the next phase. 


  1. You hoarder! I only have about 5 Copics, but still would like a tutorial! ;) JIC the envy goddess shows her head! ;)

    1. ROFLOL! Oh yeah, sad and pathetic, I know. My family thinks I need an intervention.