Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Jump for Joy Canvas Part 6

The shaded areas really made this rain slicker and boots come to life.  Are you painting along with me?  I added Deco Art Glamour Dust Champagne paint to the rain slicker, hat, and boots to make them pop off of the canvas.  The photo doesn't do the glitter paint justice.  Bummer!

If you want to add the boy to your canvas you can purchase the E-Pattern off of my website at
the following link or make your life easier and purchase the stamp from Treasured Times Rubber Stamping 

Just a little hint, very soon this little guy is going to be available as a set with some really adorable rainy day stamp items.  I also know that the owner Jody Stacy is planning to offer him as a digi stamp.  How easy is that?  One of these days when I have a chance I'm planning to Decoupage the image that I colored using my Copic Markers to a canvas.  Wouldn't that be cool? 

Interested in using the same Copic Markers that I used to color him?  Remind me and in one of my posts I will list the markers that I used. 

As an unannounced bonus to any of you who really want to paint this little guy I'm offering a coupon code to anyone who emails me interested in this pattern on my website for 20% off of your entire order. Just mention in your email something that you have enjoyed about my blog and enjoy a one time use coupon.  Checking to see if anyone really reads these posts.  LOL. 

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