Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jump for Joy Characters

I am so happy with the Jump for Joy characters and am starting to work on the Halloween set which are also just darling.  They will be available as wood ornaments that can be displayed or painted on Trick or Treat Bags.  Wouldn't that be adorable!!!  I guess I had better get busy because they are calling to me. 

Like many of you when I paint I don't really want to use the same surface that the artist has painted the pattern on.  I want to add my own spin to a project and use a surface that is more appealing to me.  That is what I love about the Jump for Joy characters, they can be painted on so many different surfaces and used in so many different ways.  The sky is the limit.  I hope that many of you will share with me your creative uses for my patterns. 

When I designed the four boys for the All Seasons Bank I put them on a bank but you could easily put them on anything including cards.  I show these boys in all four seasons so imagine what you could do with them.  Here you see all four of the boys on the pattern.  I love them and love that they are boys although if you wanted them to be girls it is just a simple matter of changing the hairstyle which would be an easy fix.  Someone asked me when I'd do the girls and laughed because when I designed these thought how easy it would be to give them longer hair to be used as girls. 

This pattern is available at under the Jump for Joy pattern category. 


  1. so delightful! Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I love how you mix stencils with your beautiful stamped creations!

    1. Thank you Jessica. I think we are both Lifebook members.