Monday, May 27, 2013

Mixed Media Jump for Joy Canvas Part 4

I purchased this stencil this spring because it was so darling I just couldn't resist, when I started this canvas I debated about using it and finally decided that it was perfect for a springtime canvas.  Bees don't come out when it rains but I decided that I could use a little artistic license.  LOL.  I'm so happy that I did because they are darling in conjunction with the blue.  This is a newer Crafter's Workshop stencil and was fantastic.  I used black and yellow to add the bees.  When I colored Erik with my Copic markers I designed his slicker to be yellow and am planning to do that this time.  I always like to repeat colors throughout a design as that helps your eye move through the entire piece, repeated elements whether color or design elements work in the same manner. 

I am having a ball with this piece.  It is turning out just as I had planned.

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