Monday, May 27, 2013

Mixed Media Jump for Joy Canvas Part 3

Here we are in part three of this canvas and I've added the boy and gessoed him because I want him to be the most important part of this canvas.  I want him to be the focal point even though I absolutely love the background on this piece.  Occasionally I may want a character to be transparent so that the layers on the canvas will show through but not in this instance. 
Use your stamp to transfer the boy to the canvas.  What an easy way to transfer a design. 
In the next few days I will start adding paint to the boy and begin to define his character.  So far I am loving this canvas.  What are your thoughts?  


  1. I'm new to your products, so when you say your stamp, do you mean like a rubber stamp? Is it just the outline or did you trace around it?
    Clueless in NM! ;)
    Minerva, aka CC

  2. Hi Minerva, for this project I transferred the boy to the canvas but he is also a stamp that is available at I work with a company turning my characters into stamps. I love doing these. Hugs