Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trifecta Brush Designs

In an earlier post I had promised that when the Paintworks online project came out I would let you all know and it finally came out online at and the project photographed beautifully.  I know that the editors chose to have this photograph be a Christmas themed project which is an interesting take on it but you can see that it wasn't designed with a holiday theme.  This photo is mine not the photo from the article and this isn't as good but you can see the project easily.  I used the Trifecta Brushes to paint the Plumeria and the Hibiscus flowers on the candles. 

I'm also posting another photo of a sunflower that I painted using the Trifecta Brush and painted the petals of the flower by pulling the brush on the side of the bristles but double loaded the brush to shade and highlight at the same time.   I used the smallest brush in the set to add the shaded detail on the center of each petal.  The center of the flower is painted using a stipple brush and I carry that 1/4" Deerfoot Brush on my website as well.  The Dynasty Deerfoot brush is quite possibly the best on the market and is an excellent price for the quality.  Why not pick up the set of Trifecta Brushes and throw in a few extra brushes to round out your order. 

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