Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gel Printing Part 3

Part three of my Gel printing journey shows the use of my Gelli Arts Printing plate with a number of different types of textures, bubble wrap, and a variety of my new stencils.  I'm fond of the bubble wrap used in conjunction with the stencils.  The top piece has a bubble wrap texture printed with a lighter green and then I overlayed one of my new stencils.  In the bottom right you see just the bubble wrap and in the piece to the left you can see the bubble wrap with the same stencil but used in a different application.  Love them.  They are fun, quirky, and challenging to do. 

I recently participated in a Christmas card exchange and with the cards that I made and sent out I included tags that I had cut out of the printed papers made using my gel printing plate.  They were fun and would make beautiful gift tags.

As I continue along this journey I will periodically share some of the pieces that I make.  I recently was the happy recipient of three Catalyst Wedge tools by Princeton Brush in a giveaway sponsored by Gelli Arts that I've been using on my Gelli Printing Plate and when I'm happy with some of the results I will share those.  They work great and I am really enjoying the process. 

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