Friday, June 29, 2012

Hand Cut Stamps Using Kwik Cut

I just stamped my most recent hand cut stamps using the Kwik Cut Product available from Nasco.  I know that I am repeating myself but it is an amazing product and so easy to use.  I used the Colorbox stamp pads to quickly ink each of these three stamps shown above, my favorite is the sun and think that this stamp will be something that I can use often.  The birds are just ok in my opinion and did not stamp up as easily with this stamping pad and want to try them with the black stamp pad, shown below, and the result was still not quite as good as I would have hoped.  I'd say that this stamp needs additional work and I may consider cutting more out of the center so that I have just the bird outline instead which will allow me the opportunity to color each bird.  I'd say that this process is meant to have good results with the not so good and that makes it a learning process.  I really liked the sun though and can see that I will have many opportunities to use this stamp.  Give it a try and see what you think. 

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