Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Face 2nd in the Series

I know that this has taken me all week to post the second in the series.  Believe me it has been a busy week.  But here is the second in the series and as I was painting Santa's face to post today it occurred to me that I hadn't posted the line art so you could paint right along with me.  Here it is!  I will post additional instructions as I paint.  Remember these painting instructions are only suggestions, you should feel free to change the colors to suit your style and mood.  Remember that you are painting on white paper so you won't need to base the areas that will remain white. 

Instructions for painting Santa's Face: 
1.  Base the face with Deco Art Americana Hi-Lite Flesh, float shade with Shading Flesh, highlight with Light Buttermilk.  Base the pupil of the eye with Lamp Black, dip dot with Snow White and float a light highlight float onto the eye.  Float the cheek with Spice Pink and deepen the float over the mustache with Antique Maroon. Base the inside of the mouth with Antique Maroon.  Dip dot the cheek with Snow White. 
2.  Base the hat with Santa Red, float shade with Napa Red, highlight with Light Buttermilk. 
3.  Using a rake brush thin Asphaltum down and wash it into the beard and hat trim areas and then float shade Asphaltum under the hat brim, around the face and under the mustache.
4.  Using a SL line the hair on Santa's forehead with Snow White. 

If you are painting along with me I'd love to see the result.

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  1. Love this little fellow...the expression on his face is adorable...thanks for sharing.